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Obfuscator sometimes hangs when doing string hiding


One of my DLLs was not being obfuscated. It hangs when doing string hiding. I debugged the code and reached these lines in AssemblyInfo.cs:
        private void CleanPool (List<Node<TypeDefinition>> pool, List<TypeDefinition> result)
            while (pool.Count > 0) {
                var toRemoved = new List<Node<TypeDefinition>> ();
                foreach (var node in pool) {
                    if (node.Parents.Count == 0) { // line 384

                        toRemoved.Add (node);
                        if (result.Contains (node.Definition))

                        result.Add (node.Definition);

                foreach (var remove in toRemoved) {
                    pool.Remove (remove);
                    foreach (var child in remove.Children) {
                        if (result.Contains (child.Definition))

                        child.Parents.Remove (remove);
This code hangs forever when I a node has itself as parent and child. I couldn´t figure out why or when it occurs (not easy to track because types are already obfuscated at this point), all I know is that it happened to one of my DLLs. It stopped hanging after I change line 384:
        if (node.Parents.Count == 0 || (node.Children.Count == 1 && node.Parents[0] == node.Children[0]))
Not very nice, however it appears to have solved my problem.
Closed Jun 20, 2014 at 7:07 AM by lextm
Cannot reproduce.


lextm wrote Jun 1, 2014 at 3:12 AM

The "a node has itself as parent and child" case is so rare, and I don't know what kind of code can lead the compiler to generate such assemblies. Thus, more information is required for further analysis.