Project Description
Obfuscar is an open source .NET obfuscator released under MIT license. It provides basic obfuscation features that help secure secrets in a .NET assembly.


If you find this project useful and want to donate to my efforts on this project, please use the following link,



Obfuscar hasn't seen any updates in a long time. There were a few features that I thought would be useful to improve the bbfuscation of the .Net assemblies that my project (#SNMP Pro editions). I've done my best to add them to this fork of Obfuscar, and also merged all patches I could find.

Clean up all reported issues on Google Code (already cleaned most of them).
Document the architecture of the code base and insert more unit test cases.

!Issues and Discussions
If you have a patch to contribute, a feature to request, or a bug to report, please post to the Issue Tracker.

If you want to start a discussion, please go to Discussions.

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